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Man Behind TechBattler

Ajmain Akil Abid

Ajmain Akil Abid

Founder of

Ajmain Akil Abid

Hey, guys!

I'm Ajmain Akil Abid, the founder of TechBattler. I love blogging, that's why I founded TechBattler.

I designed this website and developing it for giving you guys a smooth surface. I'd like to describe myself as a "Cyber-fond". You just can't make me feel bored working on the internet. 😛 Besides this cyber thing, I love a lot to travel and exploring new places. No matter what, A laptop and some new places are quite enough for me to survive. *_*

On a serious note, TechBattler is something like a dream project. Enjoy every piece of it and learn the lesson that you need.

Please feel free to contact us at any time through our contact form here.

You can also personally contact me with my personal Facebook account.

Contact me on Facebook: Ajmain Akil Abid

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