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Maintaining a site like TechBattler takes us a lot of time, money, and hard work. We post all of our tutorials, tips, reviews for free in TechBattler. To keep this process continuously, we include affiliate links in some of our posts.

If you end up purchasing any service or products through our referral links, we earn a commission. This is our affiliate disclaimer, in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guide (FTC), and to avoid any misunderstanding from TechBattlers visitors.

That’s how we earn from Techbattler.com. We use some trusted affiliate networks to monetize our site like ShareASale

Whenever anyone goes through our referral link and purchase something we earn a percentage of the product rate.

Is It Safe to Browse Any Links From TechBattler?

Yes, We TechBattler.com is affiliated with some world-class affiliate companies. All the links that are provided by us are safe and trusted.

We value our customer and we are responsible for the service that we provide. Here, we only include the product link that’s legit and tested by us. Before making a product or service review, we first test the product/service ourselves. If we find the product can add value to our visitors only then we add the affiliate link here.

So, It’s totally safe to browse any links provided by us.

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