CYBERTRUCK, the future is here!!!

CYBERTRUCK, the future is here!!!

Tech November 2019 is going good so far. We already saw the announcement of Samsung galaxy fold 2, the reboot of Motorola Razr phone, the Mi note 10 with 108 MP camera from Xiaomi and also the google stadia. And just when it seemed that the surprise from the tech industry is over Elon Musk came and blew away the mind of every people on planet Earth. On 21st November The Tesla CEO unveils the Cybertruck, an all-electric pickup truck and the company’s sixth vehicle since its founding in 2013.

In the market, all the truck looks somewhat the same. And the bestselling truck of the US has been the Ford f150 model throughout the year. The people are used to how the truck looks and Elon Musk just challenged the whole tradition. Not only the design of the Cybertruck is different from the existing models of the truck industry but also it looks like a freaking mars-rover. The reason why the people are so surprised by this move from Elon is that no leaks were out for this truck. The reaction from the people are mixed as some groups of people loved the design and are excited by it, on the other hand, some people are hating it. But it surely generated a massive response throughout the general people. By today’s date, more than 1.5 million Cybertruck has been placed in pre-ordered. Even those who generally don’t consider themselves as “truck-types” also want the Cybertruck. The number will surely increase in the coming days as the truck is yet to go into the production line.

The more the Cybertruck sells are better. As this beast is electric it will lift a huge burden from fossil fuel. As our climate is getting broken day by day it is essential that the make the transition towards electric vehicles. Tesla is doing a really good job by giving the people new electric vehicles which actually makes an impact. Who knows, maybe within a few years we will get our very first electric airplane.

Cybertruck Versions:

The Cybertruck is coming in three versions with different spec sheets. The base variant of the truck comes with a single motor and it has a 250-mile range. It goes 0-60 mph in under 6.5 seconds. This version of the Cybertruck will cost $39,900. The second variant has a dual motor and it goes 0-60 mph under 4.5 seconds. It also has a 300-mile range. This version will cost $49,900. The maxed-out version of this truck will cost $69,900. This will have a massive triple motor and a range of 500-miles. It will reach 0-60 mph under 2.9 seconds! Although this version won’t start production until late 2022.

Elon Musk has called this project his “personal favorite”. But the plans didn’t go accordingly on 21st November. The glass of the truck was claimed to be “shatter-proof” but as soon as an iron ball was thrown at the truck the glass broke. This mess-up also had an effect on Musk’s net worth as his company loses nearly $1billon according to Forbes. Although Mush laughed and said there is room from improvements we also believe that. Surely the Cybertruck has brought the future within the reach of our hands.

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