A Story Worth Living: Five Feet Apart

A story worth living Five Feet Apart

“It’s just life, Will. It’ll be over before we know it.”

One thing that this book will give you is the desperate urge to live, not for yourself but for the people connected to your lives. ‘Five Feet Apart’, a Young Adult fiction, written by Rachael Lippincott with Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis tells us the story of two teenagers suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. The story of Stella Grant and Will Newman will make you laugh and make you cry as it takes you through the highs and lows of their life. The writers have done a vivid job by creating such an animated story. Here are some things that I liked about this adventure.

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    Five Feet Apart Story:

    Five Feet Apart Story

    Two sick teens falling in love knowing that they may not make it through, sound familiar? Well, some may say it resembles the story of ‘The Faults in Our Stars’ but this particular story is quite different in a good way.
    The whole story takes place in Saint Grace’s Hospital. It’s the 2nd home of one of the central characters, Stella, who is coming to this hospital since age 6. Stella is a control freak who wants everything in order. She also wants to motivate others in their life. But then comes a boy, Will, who is rebellious. Both Stella and Will are suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. It is a progressive, genetic disease that limits the ability to breathe over time.
    Stella notices the perilous self-harming behavior of Will and tries to persuade him to follow the medication. And soon they realize that they are getting closer. But getting closer than five feet would make their hearts stop forever.

    The plots of the story are very well placed. The whole story is standing over the plots upholding the perfect balance. This makes you read uninterruptedly. It’s like you are on the edge of your seat not wanting to miss out on the important part of a movie.
    Although some of the information about the disease may have been fictitious, the fact a serious disease like CF was emphasized by this book is a palpable thing.

    Five Feet Apart - Characters:

    We may have seen many characters who have a terminal disease throughout many books but Stella will stand apart from every one of them. Stella is full of life. She is vibrant. She is also a programmer, not a usual teen character, right? And the most important thing about her you can actually connect with her. The sheer mentality to live for his parents is somewhat not seen among the teens these days. She will surely give you a new viewpoint to look at your life.
    Will is more of a generic character. Starting as a rebel who doesn’t want to live ends up asking for more breathes to live. But there is some aspect of Will which will attract the readers. The fact that how well this character was developed in a small span of time is remarkable.
    And there is Poe, also suffering from CF. He is the best friend of Stella and adds a different dimension to the story bringing out some serious problems in the US such as parents getting departed. He will make you smile and give you a heart attack at some places.


    Five Feet Apart

    This book has been adapted to a movie this year and it also had been successful as the book. If you want to read something which will stay with you for a while, you can go for ‘Five Feet Apart’. Once you start reading I assure you, you can’t stay five feet apart from this book.

    Here is the Trailer of ‘Five Feet Apart’ movie trailer:

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