Best PC Gaming Chair Under $100

Best PC Gaming Chair Under $100

Nowadays, gaming has become very popular. PC gaming is like a part of our life. Especially during this pandemic, when almost everyone is staying at home, I’m sure; gamers are spending almost their whole time through gaming. Playing for a long time can leave you feeling tired and exhausted if you don’t have a relaxed chair. This can be wherever computer gamers get to play to form; you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed once taking part in.

So, it is necessary to have a perfect chair that can comfort your body, and you can concentrate on your gaming fully. There are hundreds of gaming chairs on the market. But if you are looking for something that is both on your budget and your other requirements, we are here to help you.

What is the gaming chair

The idea of the gaming chair is entirely new. A successful modern gaming chair was invented in 2006. However, the gaming chair is created for providing comfort and relaxation to the gamers.

The main task of a gaming chair is to support the gamers’ upper body. Sitting for all day long is very bad for health. The human body is not functioned for it. That’s why all gaming chair is designed ergonomically to reduce the pain and body ace.

Why do you invest in a gaming chair

You may think that why you are spending your earned money, especially on a gaming chair!! Is it even important?! Then, guys, I am sorry to say that in the future, you have to pay twice, thrice, or even more hospital bills. You don’t want this, do you?

Again, a good gaming chair not only permits you to sit comfortably but also helps you to be better in your game.

A quality computer or gaming chair helps to maintain a smart posture. This product square measure is contoured to support your spine and keep the back upright. Regular chairs square measure typically the perpetrator behind unhealthy posture and back pain. With a gaming chair, you don’t need to worry any about these issues. Over time, your posture can improve, and you get pleasure from better health.

Gaming chairs promote healthy blood flow through the body, resulting in higher vas operate, reduced muscle stiffness, and attenuated pain. This product is quite a good investment for people who pay tons of your time sitting.

Best PC Gaming Chair List

OFM Gaming Chair Ergonomic RacingESS-3085-GRN
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X Rocker SE 2.1 Floor Rocker - Bluetooth Gaming ChairX Rocker 5130001
Check Price
Modern Gaming Racing Office ChairvModern Gaming Racing Office Chair275lbs
Check Price
Executive Racing Office ChairExecutive Racing Office Chair265lbs
Check Price
Ergonomic Computer PC Adjustable Swivel ChairErgonomic Computer PC Adjustable Swivel Chairl250lbs
Check Price
Wireless Foldable Rocking Video Gaming Floor ChairWireless Foldable Rocking Video Gaming Floor Chair275lbs
Check Price
Video Gaming Racing Home Computer Desk Ergonomic Office ChairVideo Gaming Racing Home Computer Desk Ergonomic Office Chair280lbs
Check Price
Essentials Leather Executive Office come to Computer ChairEssentials Leather Executive Office come to Computer Chair250lbs
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Fully Adjustable 53-inch Floor ChairFully Adjustable 53-inch Floor Chair275lbs
Check Price
Sadie Leather Executive Computer/Office ChairSadie Leather Executive Computer/Office Chair250lbs
Check Price

Reviews of Best PC Gaming Chair Under 100:

There is a good number of gaming chairs available in the market. Yet, if you want it on your budget, then I must say you may find a few. That’s why we are here to help you.

Here, we are showing you a list of ten chairs for your comfort. I hope these necessary facts about your item are going to save your valuable time.

OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair(ESS-3085-GRN)

best pc gaming chair under 100

The OFM Essentials Gaming Chair is created with a whole new level with the ESS-3085 series. With a high back, this gaming chair is designed with ergonomics in perception.

 This is a race car style chair that gives you both luxury and relaxation during intense gaming sessions or exhausting workdays. Its contoured segmented padding supports the upper body.

This gaming chair provides you height adjustment so that you can feel relaxed without any complications.

This gaming chair also has tilt-tension control, which allows you to recline comfortably as per your resting position. So, gamers feel yourself like a king!

It provides you with a flip arm facility to soothe you in your long term gaming program. Its integrated headrest and padded arms support your hand like exactly how you needed.

In a question of weight capacity, this chair offers you up to 275lb pound weight capacity that is perfect for long term usage.

Special Note: Surprisingly, this gaming chair provides you a lifetime warranty and completely on your budget.

Pros & Cons About OFM Essentials Collection(ESS-3085-GRN)

Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic racing style designed chair.​
  • Provides you great lumbar support.
  • User-friendly with height adjustment, center-tilt, tilt tension control.
  • Has contrasting color combinations with a classy look.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty.


  • The seat of this chair is a little congested.

X Rocker 5130001 Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5130001 Gaming Chair

The X Rocker Gaming Chair is designed to rouse your gaming experience. The wireless gaming chair with two speakers, you can enjoy completely every session of your gaming experience, movie, or music. Besides, you can also relax or study for hours.

This gaming chair is the exact size to provide full comfort for your long hours of gaming or workdays. It is an excellent chair for experienced gamers.

This gaming chair has a control panel that includes input and output jacks for connecting to other X Rockers for multi-player games. It also receives separate volume, bass that can connect to your audio source.

 This gaming chair offers you portability, and it is very easy to use. You can also fold its back down. It manages space, so no yelling from your mom.

Mostly gamers worry about compatibility. It can possess almost every gaming system. Trust me, and I’m getting my best gaming experience through it.

Special Note: Its sound system is so cool that you must love it.

Pros & Cons About X Rocker 5130001 Gaming Chair

Pros and Cons


  • This gaming chair provides enough sturdiness.​
  • It has the facility to connect with multiple chairs.
  • It is affordable enough.
  • This gaming chair saves space and has a portable facility.
  • Its maximum weight capacity is 275lbs.
  • It also hooks up to PS4.


  • There’s no armrest on it.

IDS Online Modern Gaming Racing Office Chair

IDS Online Modern Gaming Racing Office Chair

IDS Online Gaming Racing Chair hands over with all necessary tools. By following instructions, you can easily set up this chair. It’s super easy, and within 15 minutes, your chair is ready.

This is an ergonomic gaming chair. So, you can feel most comfort during your long work period or an intense gaming session.

It is provided with a 360-degree spin function that helps the chair to roll swimmingly anywhere like floor, carpet, tiles, etc.

Its high back supports your neck, and cushion provides headrest. It also has a diverse of reclining locking positions to present you maximum luxury and relaxation.

It is a high-quality office chair at this price, which worth it. It has been equipped with absolute lumbar support and the hardest cushion to support your spine and neck.

Special Note: In the question of warranty, the company serves you a 30 days’ free return and replacement.

Pros & Cons About IDS Gaming Racing Office Chair

Pros and Cons


  • This chair is created with waterproof material.​
  • It has a padded cushion and cooling mesh that provides extra comfort.
  • The chair consists of pneumatic controls to make seat adjustable.
  • The multi-directional wheel moves the chair smoothly over the floor, carpet, or tiles.
  • It has lumbar support.


  • You may find some difficulties with tilt.

IDS Online Executive Racing Office Chair

IDS Online Executive Racing Office Chair

The IDS Executive Racing Office Chair is an upgraded version gaming come office chair with a comfortable seating experience.

The gas lift facility of this gaming chair allows you to adjust chair height effortlessly. It leads to an increase in relaxation and ergonomic benefits.

It is equipped with easy tilt function, so without any complications, you can play your game or anything.

This gaming chair imparts with a max 120 kg weight capacity. It is durable and sturdy enough for long term usage.

It also provides extra thick padding of the seat for extra comfort.

Special Note: The PU leather confirms softness and has mesh padding for relaxation of the whole body.

Pros & Cons About IDS Online Executive Racing Office Chair

Pros and Cons


  • This chair is guaranteed with durability.​
  • It has PU leather around the whole chair for providing extra comfort.
  • The chair has the facility of the gas lift system.
  • The seating area dimension is comparatively larger.
  • Its sturdiness comes with 5-star chrome legs.


  • You may not find the color attractive.

Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair Racing Office Ergonomic Computer PC Adjustable Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair Racing Office Ergonomic Computer PC Adjustable Swivel Chair

This X-10 gaming chair is known as the stylish gaming chair ever. It is furnished with Leather Soft upholstery for durability.

This gaming chair is perfect for people up to 250 lbs. It can provide you the necessary comfort that you want as a gamer.

This high back racing chair outperforms the couch with wholesome benefits.

It has the flip arm facility through it; you can comfortably put your arm at any angle.

The tilt-lock mechanism ensures your upright position. When you don’t feel to lean back, just use it to place yourself freely.

There is a warranty of five years for non-moving metal parts and two years warranty for metal parts.

Special Note: The ergonomic wing style back supports your spine and helps you to place your attention fully on the game, not in your back pain.

Pros & Cons About Flash Furniture X10 Gaming Chair

Pros and Cons


  • Its padded arm provides a luxurious resting method.​
  • This gaming chair provides a pullout to activate the rocking motion.
  • Its contoured cushions keep you comfortable on a long period of sitting.
  • It provides you 5 years warranty.


  • It may create some noises after long term use.

X Rocker Drift Flag 2.1 Wireless Foldable Rocking Video Gaming Floor Chair

X Rocker Drift Flag 2.1 Wireless Foldable Rocking Video Gaming Floor Chair

This one is another achievement of X Rocker in the gaming chair world. This racing style gaming chair is designed with a black and white checkered flag style.

The exclusive AFM technology creates vibrational audio that can provide you excellent sound experience.

This gaming chair can include almost all gaming devices, smart devices, and an mp3 player.

There’s two-speaker near your headrest so that you can enjoy sound fully; also, there’s a 4” subwoofer in the outer part of the backrest. It allows you to have a low resound.

Special Note: This gaming chair is super easy to use and looks attractive in your room.

Pros & Cons About X Rocker Drift Flag 2.1 Wireless Foldable Floor Chair

Pros and Cons


  • Its two speakers deliver amazing sound.​
  • Bass control, input-output jacks connect it with other X Rocker chairs.
  • It is foldable.
  • Has a weight capacity of 275 lbs.


  • The racing stripes can be faded after using it for a long time.

IDS Online Video Gaming Racing Home Computer Desk Ergonomic Office Chair

IDS Online Video Gaming Racing Home Computer Desk Ergonomic Office Chair

IDS Online Video Gaming Racing Chair is an ergonomic high back style chair for your healthier life.

It also has a pneumatic seat-height adjustable system that helps you to assemble easily.

Its extra ample padding oil and water-resistant provide you a comfortable seat.

You can easily clean this chair. All you need is to wipe it.

This chair is capable of bearing a larger weight. Its maximum capacity is 280 lbs.

The lumbar support system relaxes your back pain and relieves you from tiredness.

Special Note: The gentle texture of this chair keeps your skin away from any kind of irritation.

Pros & Cons About IDS Online Desk Ergonomic Office Chair

Pros and Cons


  • This gaming chair has a beautiful sewing design detail to satisfy you.​
  • It provides a smooth rolling caster.
  • Its extra padding features extend comfort during your work or gaming period.
  • Accommodates with 30 days warranty.


  • There’s no flip arm facility.

Essentials Leather Executive Office come to Computer Chair

Essentials Leather Executive Office come to Computer Chair

This office comes gaming chair by OFM is an upgraded form of luxurious chair that comes totally on your budget. The smooth seating surface makes you feel super comfortable on this chair.

 This chair combines with an ultra-plush segmented padding feather to support your neck, waist, back, and arm.

As per the manufacturers’ suggestion, 250 pounds is its highest weight capacity.

Its ergonomic design, like the adjustable seat back, completely matches your work preferences.

This chair is called a heavy-duty chair. So you can assume its durability.

Special Note: It has a back cushioning function that supports your lower back. Ultimately you can relieve from back ace.

Pros & Cons About Essentials Leather Executive Office Computer Chair

Pros and Cons


  • The comfort armrest system cuts down strain from your upper body.​
  • The segmented seat provides relaxation on your back.
  • The reliable wheel function offers you a smooth roll each time.
  • Its segmented back cushion helps your body to feel home-like comfort.


  • Some of you may think the armrests are comparatively in a higher place.

AmazonBasics Fully Adjustable 53-inch Floor Chair

AmazonBasics Fully Adjustable 53-inch Floor Chair

The AmazonBasics Fully Adjustable Floor Chair is like a comfy zone in your home. It contains an adjustable metal frame for gaming, reading, watching movies, and so on.

It is built with memory foam that provides you the maximum comfort you have ever felt. Trust me, I feel like sleeping on this floor chair.

Its multiple adjustable positions start from 90 degrees, which means you can use this floor chair as your bed, HUH!

It is easy to store. You can fully fold this floor chair up and put it on a corner, or fold flat just under your bed.

This floor chair is strong yet super comfortable. So, it is durable enough to use it for a longer time.

Special Note: The optimal ergonomic design conforms to your body weight.

Pros & Cons About Amazon Basics Fully Adjustable 53-inch Floor Chair

Pros and Cons


  • Complete relaxation for a single person.
  • The adjustable 53′ floor chair offers portability.
  • It can be stored effortlessly under your bed.
  • With multiple changing positions, your body feels extreme comfort.
  • The padded head and footrest confirm your body relaxation.


  • You may sometimes struggle to adjust it.

Sadie Leather Executive Computer/Office Chair

Sadie Leather Executive ComputerOffice Chair

This Sadie Executive Chair by HON is an ergonomic style chair that can satisfy workaholic people. The material of this chair is leather, which means you are about to get extra softness.

Again, the solid black color of this office comes computer chair gives it a stylish look.

This chair offers you durability. I’m sure you don’t have to regret after buying this.

The base of this chair is strong yet rolls smoothly. It holds the 360-degree swivel function.

It is designed with an easy control feather. The seat adjustment system is right under the seat of the chair, and you don’t have to bother to find it.

The tilt tension and tilt lock facility add your body some extra relaxation.

Special Note: The ergonomic function is used for your body comfort when you are focusing so hard on your work.

Pros & Cons About Sadie Leather Executive Computer/Office Chair

Pros and Cons


  • The seatback recline correlates your luxury.
  • The softness of leather provides you relaxation.
  • The padded armrest holds your arms on point.
  • This chair offers you a warranty of three years.


  • It doesn’t have a high back for your headrest.

Buying Guide

There are some facts you have to consider buying a gaming chair. Here, we are going to show you these actual buyer’s facts that may help you to choose your one.


The size of the gaming chair is a consideration of buying a gaming chair. If you are a short person and you sit on an average chair, that may feel awkward. Also, you don’t get the actual benefit through it. So, you have to choose as per your body structure. You don’t want a gaming chair that doesn’t make you feel comfortable enough.


The right materials typically create all the distinction within the creation of a high-quality chair. There is some common material like leather, PU leather, found in most gaming chairs. Genuine leather is much extra sturdy than its imitators, ready to last generations and in some ways that improve with age, whereas PU leather and PVC may crack and peel over time. It’s additionally an additional breathable material compared to PU and PVC leather, which means it’s higher at engrossing and cathartic wetness, thereby reducing sweat and keeping the chair cooler.


Mesh is another important material of a gaming chair. It keeps the chair cool even after a long term sitting. It offers a cooling system that makes your body comfortable.


I think this is one of the important things to be considered before buying a gaming chair. Your comfort based on it. However, every gaming chair is created with multiple adjustment functions like height adjustment, tilt tension control, adjustable armrest, lumbar support pads, etc. You need to check on product detail to know how user-friendly these adjustable functions are.

Style and Coloration:

Color is another necessary thing that you should keep on your mind. Most of the gaming chairs are designed with racing-style to provide you a luxurious and comfortable time. Along with other things, you have to choose your color so that you don’t feel irritated or bored seeing your gaming chair.


Most companies give a warranty of 30 days to six months. Some companies with higher prices offer more than two years of warranty. Again, some afford lifetime warranty for particular parts.

Gaming Chair V/S Other Chair

Gaming chairs are cool looking; normal office chairs are nice looking.

Racing style gaming chairs are for using a long time where normal chairs are designed to seat only for a few hours.

Gaming chairs are comparatively expensive. Ergonomically designed task chairs are lower priced.

A gaming chair can be used for relaxation. You need to sit upright in a task chair.

Gaming Chairs provide more flexibility. Task chairs are not flexible enough.

Gaming chairs offer more adjustable functions. Traditional gaming chair has limited adjustability.

Final Thought:

From the facts discussed above, you have learned about lower-priced gaming, office, and floor chairs.

 If you want an ultra padding facility, then product 8 is your right one.

I think the most stylish chairs are the products from X Rockers; these gaming floor chairs seem extremely cool to me.

If you want the ultimate softness, then you should go for product 1 and product 10.

If you want a floor chair that doesn’t require any storage of your home, then go for product 9. I think this product is best for you.

I hope you find this information helpful. Good luck with your buying.

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