3 of The Best Survey Software (Compared)

Best Survey Software

If you are looking for the best survey software (Plugin) for your WordPress website, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing the best survey software plugin is not that hard. But if you are a beginner or new to the term “Survey”, then this can be a headache for you.

Don’t worry! Today I’ll talk about 3 of the best Survey Software and compare them.

Why Do You Need A Survey Software?

Well, why not? Surveys are the best option to understand your customers. It lets you collect feedback from your customers which you can analyze to improve your business.

There are thousands of reasons for creating surveys. For example, We here in TechBattler use surveys to gather our reader’s expectations, content ideas, etc.

No matter if your business is small or large, surveys can play a vital role to improve your business.

3 Best Survey Software

WPForms - Best Survey software

WPForms is the leading WordPress form builder plugin in the market. It lets you create any kind of professional form.

WPForms has a powerful Surveys and Poll addon. Using this addon, you can simply create any type of survey for your site.

Creating a survey using the WPForms survey addon is so easy. It has an easy drag and drop form builder that will let you create your survey in a minute.

Many reasons make everybody choose WPForms for surveys.

Firstly, it’s very beginner-friendly and providers all the features and tools that you need.

I love their surveys reporting system as it automatically creates graphs/charts based report for you.

You can use your survey result directly on your website using a shortcode and share them on social media.

Comparing other survey plugins, WPforms has more features and tools for creating forms and surveys.

For having an in-depth look at it, read our detailed review on WPForms: WPForms Review

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Note: For using the WPForms survey addon, you’ll need at least the Elite Plan.

2. Gravity Forms

Gravity Form - best Survey plugin

Gravity Forms is a popular WordPress form builder plugin for creating any forms and surveys.

Gravity Forms has almost all the essential features and field options. Its survey addon lets you create your survey quickly.

Though Gravity Forms doesn’t show the survey result using graphs/charts, you can show your survey response on your website using shortcodes.

It’s a powerful WordPress form builder plugin that gains the trust of the people.

Like WPforms, you will need at least Gravity Forms’s “Elite Plan” to get the Survey addon.

3. Formidable Forms

Formidable - Best Survey software

Formidable Forms is a modern form-builder software with advanced features and tools.

It has more than 300,000 active installations and getting popular day by day for its easy surface.

If you are planning to create advanced level surveys like quizzes, calculators, etc. then Formidable Forms can be a great choice to go for.

For my own needs, I use both WPForms and Formidable Forms on my websites.


Surveys are the game changers for your website. It shows you the area where you should improve by gathering your customers thoughts.

You can pick any from the 3 best survey software that I mentioned above.

Any thoughts on this? Leave them in the comment section.

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