5 Best Web Hosting For Web Designers in 2023 (Review)

Web Hosting For Web Designers

Some days ago, one of my friends asked me to recommend him the best web hosting for web designers.

After that, I researched a lot with many hosting sites, applying the factors, and guess what? The result was so satisfying that I’ve come here to share this.

So, why should you be careful about choosing the best hosting when you are a web developer?

It’s because you know better than a “One-click demo importer” guy.

Trust me, I’m not insulting them who just pick a web hosting, a good theme, and published the website within few hours or a day.

Best web hosting for web developers

But, when you are a web designer or a developer, your know-how programs and functions work on WWW (World Wide Web).

You know how important CSS, PHP, Python, HTML, HTML5, and other related facts are.

It’s not a matter that you are creating a website for your clients or your personal uses, as a web designer/developer, you would want to know if the web hosting provides all the basic and advanced features that you need.

Like, how good hosting features they are providing, how well there customer support is, what extra features they are providing than other hosting providers, is the hosting offering a reasonable price for the hosting plans, etc.

-these are the common questions for web designers before buying the perfect hosting for them. It’s because A web designer/developer is the one who has to deal with all of this for creating his desired website.

So, here, I’m gonna discuss these 5 best hosting for web designers and developers. I’ve considered all of the questions as a web designer and picked these web hosting for the developers. I’m gonna compare their features, pricing, support, and much more.

So, let’s directly jump to our main discussion.

5 Best Web Hosting for Web Developers


BlueHost is one of the best web hosting providers that is owned by the web giant EIG. They are quite old and earned a massive hosting reputation. In a survey, BlueHost got first place as the best web hosting provider, and it becomes the first choice for web designers.

Their plans are quite affordable. As a TechBattler lover, you can get 65% OFF in Every Plan of BlueHost by using our special link.

BlueHost’s Hosting Features:

BlueHost provides tons of excellent hosting features. As a web developer, you will love their hosting features. Some of the major hosting features of BlueHost are:

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free Domain Name in every plan
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Worldwide CDN
  • Daily Backups
  • POP3/POP3 Secure Email Service
  • All Domain Features
  • Full C-Panel and FTP Access
  • SSH Access
  • 1- Click WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Staging
  • Easy Migration from Old Host
  • Spam Assassin Protection

There are more awesome hosting features in BlueHost like e-commerce hosting features.

If you compare BlueHost’s hosting features with other hosting providers, you must see the differences and know why I’ve given them the first place.

Moreover, BlueHost covers all the hosting features for any level web developer.

Uptime Rate:

BlueHost guarantees you a 99.99% uptime rate. I’ve tested its uptime rate with several websites, and the uptime rate was 100%. That’s super cool.

Plans and Pricing:

BlueHost comes with WordPress hosting, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Its shared hosting starts with $2.95/m on a contract of three years. BlueHost offers VPS hosting from $18.99/m and Dedicated hosting from $79.99/m.

If you consider all the services and features, BlueHost offers you an affordable price for the hosting.


One of the best parts of BlueHost is their amazing customer support.

They provide 24/7 customer support. I get customer support from them with 2-3 minutes every time, which is great compared to other customer support.

Besides, you will get support from their highly qualified customer officers.

So, after comparing all of the factors, I picked BlueHost in the first place as the best web hosting for web designers.

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WP Engine

WP Engine is the most powerful managed WordPress hosting. It’s specialized only for WordPress.

If you’re more dedicated to WordPress and budget isn’t an issue, I recommend you to use WP Engine.

Also, It provides the best WordPress security for your website.

If you love WordPress, then you will love WP Engine for sure.

Since 2010, WP Engine becomes one of the best picks for web designers.

Specially, you will get all of the StudioPress’s genesis paid themes for free if you buy any WP Engines’s plan. You won’t have to pay extra for the themes.

Cool, huh?

Also, WP Engine offers 3 months of free hosting and a special discount for our readers.

WP Engine’s Features:

You will get all the hosting features for hosting your WordPress site with them. Also, they provide special features like:

  • Powerful WordPress Security
  • All StudioPress Genesis Themes Free Access
  • Staging Sites
  • Performance Tracking and Diagnostic options
  • Real-Time Threat Detection
  • Powerful CDN
  • Copy Site Tool
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backups

Uptime Rate:

You won’t have to worry about its uptime rate.

Its uptime rate is super cool.

I never faced a single downtime in the last few years.

Also, their server is so fast that you won’t need to worry about your website page speed.

Plans and Pricing:

As I mentioned above, WP Engine’s plans aren’t cheap, and it worth it.

Their Startup plan starts from $30 per month, Growth plan for $115/m, and scale plan for $290/m.

You can get a special discount using this l-i-n-k

Customer Support:

They provide 24/7 customer support by phone, email, and live chat. Their customer support is a decent service.

WP Engine is a powerful WordPress managed to host for designers. Though everyone can afford the high price range, it worth it.

As a TechBattler reader, You can get a special discount and added 3 months free with all genesis themes in WP Engine. Get it now!


SiteGround is the leading web hosting company that’s founded in 2004.

It is the highest rated hosting provider all over the world. Also, SiteGround web hosting is in the top list for the web designers.

Being honest, I’ve to say that I’ve hosted my two sites in SiteGround.

I personally love SiteGround for many reasons. Compared to other shared hosting companies’ shared hosting plans, SiteGround’s shared hosting plan is quite expensive.

Also, it’s the fastest web hosting server. Hence, I placed it in no 3 of my favorite hosting for the web designer’s list.

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SiteGround Features:

SiteGround is a decent web hosting with plenty of awesome hosting features. Some of its major hosting features are:

  • Free Email Account (One of the best reasons for loving SiteGround)
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free CMS Installs
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • Advanced Domain Features
  • Friendly Site Tools
  • Free CDN
  • Advanced Cached System
  • LXC- based Stability
  • Anti- Hacks System and Help
  • Spam Protection
  • Daily Backups

There are more great hosting features in SiteGround. You will wonder how many great features they are providing based on the pricing.

Uptime Rate:

SiteGround is one of the most secured hosting companies with a 100% uptime rate.

Their server is such powerful that you won’t have to think about your website performance.

Plans and Pricing:

SiteGround comes with 4 different hosting types.

  1. Shared Hosting: Starts from $6.99 per month.
  2. WordPress Hosting: Starts from $6.99 per month.
  3. WooCommerce Hosting: Starts from $6.99 per month.
  4. Cloud Hosting: Starts from $80 per month.


SiteGround is popular for their 24/7/365 customer support.

There are a huge number of professional customer care officer in SiteGround. Moreover, You will love their customer support.

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Hostgator is a popular web hosting company.

It hosts more than 8 million active domains. Hostgator is an affordable, elegant web hosting for any kind of designer.

Read our details HostGator review: Hostgator Web Hosting: Is It Worth to Purchase in 2023? (Review)

HostGator’s Hosting Features:

Some of the major features of Hostgator are:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 45- Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Single Email Account
  • Free Site and C-Panel Migration
  • Advanced Security Features

HostGator’s hosting features are quite satisfying. Besides, they have a very decent hosting interface for beginners.

Uptime Rate:

According to the last 24 months, they are maintaining an almost 99.96% uptime rate, which is pretty good.

Plans and Pricing:

Hostgator has specific hosting plans like Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, etc.

Their shared hosting starts from $2.75 per month which is cheap.


You can get their customer support 24/7 with phone, email, and live chat options. Their customer service officers are well trained and friendly.

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If you are looking for the cheapest hosting, then Hostinger is for you. Hostinger is a popular hosting provider, and their pricing is too cheap.

TechBattler is hosted in Hostinger. I love Hostinger as they are offering all the hosting features for such affordable prices.

Also, I’m a fan of their customer support. For the Corona outbreak, their customer service is taking more time to respond. I hope they will fix this soon.

Hostinger’s Hosting Features:

  • Daily Backups
  • Custom Admin panel
  • Domain Features
  • Cloudflare and SEO Tools
  • Email Service
  • Cached Option
  • MySQL Database

There are more great features in Hostinger.

Uptime Rate:

Their uptime rate is great. I only faced 2-3 time server downtime in Hostinger within 4 years.

Plans and Pricing:

Their shared hosting surprisingly starts from $0.99, which made them the cheapest hosting providers.

Besides, you can get a great discount using our special link.


As I mentioned earlier, their customer support is very satisfying. They are well trained and friendly enough to answer all your questions.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best web hosting as a web designer isn’t that hard.

You just need to compare some factors that I mentioned earlier in this post. However, after comparing all the factors, considering their pros and cons, I picked these 5 best web hosting for web designers.

If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to write in the comment section.

Say me ‘Thanks’ by sharing this article. Good Luck!

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