NAWA Racer: The next-gen e-motorcycle is here!

NAWA Racer: The next-gen e-motorcycle is here!

NAWA Technologies is planning to reveal NAWA Racer in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on 7th January 2020. Inspired from the original café racers of London in the 1960s, the NAWA Racer holds one of the most exciting technologies of the next decade in its lightweight body. This new e-motorcycle will have a combination of ultracapacitors with conventional lithium-ion cells. And this combination is making the e-motorcycle the first of its class to have a hybrid battery system in them.

The technology of the Future: New “Hybrid” Concept for E motorcycle Motor

Ultracapacitors are a new type of energy storage technology that offers high power density, almost instant recharging and very long lifetimes. This tech has been in development for well over a decade but it has developed rapidly in recent years. So much so that this tech can rule over the energy sector in the next decade.

And NAWA Technologies is the first company to use this tech on a product. The upcoming NAWA Racer will have this next-gen ultracapacitor along with the conventional lithium-ion battery.  This “hybrid” battery will offer ten times more power and five times more energy than existing technology. This will also enable ultra-fast charging and improved energy recovery and high power output. And thanks to better lithium-ion management this will also give a long continuous range.

This e-motorcycle will use NAWACap ultracapacitors, which are positioned in the top tank area. The NAWACap offers 0.1 kWh which boosts a lithium-ion battery mounted low in the chassis. Thanks to the regenerative braking more than 80 percent of the energy can be re-used. This “hybrid” battery can be charged up to 80 percent in one hour from a home supply.

Guess what, NAWA Racer can actually RACE!

This powerhouse only weighs 150 kg making it ideal for racing. In less than three seconds it can go up to 62mph thanks to its motor which produces 100ps. The NAWACap pack can also be removed and swapped for different levels of performance. Just like the original café racers, this thing can travel short distances in an instant before the juice runs out. The top speed for this machine is about 100 mph, so a long race with a conventional racing machine will not be possible.

“Electric vehicles are still limited by the energy their batteries can store and the time it takes to recharge them” said Pascal Boulanger, Founder, Chairman of the board, CTO and COO of NAWA Technologies. “A promising solution is to combine lithium-ion with ultracapacitors – but until now they have not had enough energy, been too expensive and lacked the power capabilities to easily integrate them within a hybrid battery system. NAWA Technologies’ ultracapacitors offer the complete solution, the lowest internal resistance – allowing DC/DC converter-less integration – and lower cost. Taking performance, range, efficiency, weight and charging time to new heights, this system is also more environmentally-friendly. Our ultracapacitors are based on carbon, which is naturally occurring and abundant, so our hybrid packs also reduce the need for lithium mining.”

This exciting new technology can be used in any sort of vehicle and the technology could go into production in the very near future. We have to wait and see which tech giant picks up this battery system to use it in the next-gen “hybrid” vehicles. NAWA Technologies is located at Eureka Park, Stand G, Booth 50463 in the CES.

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