Using Calculators to Generate Leads. Is this even possible?

Formidable forms calculator

Calculator itself isn’t very interesting. But it can be a powerful & engaging lead generation tool in your WordPress website.

Why Use a Calculator at All?

Visitors prefer some input that makes it easier for them to make a decision. Such as someone checking his/her BMI before buying a weight loss formula. Or someone selecting the color, add-ons, and size of a product and see how the price adds up before placing the order.

Formidable Forms Calculators

formidable WordPress calculator plugin

Now that we know why we need a calculator for our website, how do we build one?

The quickest solution would be just to use a  calculator plug-in, right?

Wrong, easier hardly means better. It can actually lead to worse outcomes. Overuse of plug-ins in your WordPress site can result in slow loading and website breaking conflicts.

This is where Formidable Forms come in. A calculator is nothing more than calculated fields. When you use an advanced enough form builder, it can replace hundreds of other plug-ins.

Using Formidable Forms Calculators

Creating a  calculator for any site has never been easier. Formidable Forms have pre-built calculator templates for different business types.

Some template examples would be –

Below are some use cases of types of Formidable Forms Calculators.

Fitness Calculators

You can use a fitness calculator is to make a BMI checkup or calorie intake calculator to promote your product or help your customers to choose the right fitness product for them.

Financial Calculators

Financial calculators can be used to calculate savings or compound interest. This type of calculator is also great in the case of trading websites.

Estimates & Quotes Calculators

Whether it’s a life insurance estimate or the price of an automobile, estimates & quotes calculators are a very powerful addition and helps the customer to make purchasing decisions.

Price Calculators

Price calculator in an e-commerce site is more of a necessity than a luxury. You must have it to operate effectively.

Mortgage Calculators (Simple & Advanced)

Mortgage calculators are great and let the customers know what they’re getting into. Enabling the visitors to make a decision without leaving the website and making complex calculations is nothing sort of competitive advantage for your business.

Creating Your Own Calculator

Tons of premade calculator templates are supposed to take care of about 95% of your needs. But, being the most advanced form builder in the market, Formidable Forms also lets you create your own custom calculator.

You can just install Formidable  Forms and add a new form and then create fields to make your customized calculator.

For example, in a currency converter calculator, there are 4  fields, two for the currency names, two for the currency amount  and one for the exchange rate,

You can then fill out the default value, placeholder text, and description to make it look more professional.

Wrapping Up

In Formidable Forms calculators, your imagination is the limit. Calculators are a great way to add value to your websites and no other brand beats   Formidable Forms calculators in terms of strength and versatility. If you want to stand out with the calculator on your site and can afford a subscription,  I would recommend you go for Formidable Forms.

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