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Google Watchlist – A New Feature of Google to Add Movies & Shows to a ‘Watchlist’

The search giant Google adds a built-in ‘Watchlist’ feature for its user. You can now keep track of your movies & TV shows that you are keeping an eye on.

This Google Watchlist feature lets you add your favorite movies & TV shows titles to a “Watchlist” & a “Watched” bookmarks collection. You can also bookmark movie tickets in the “Get Ticket” button that lets you switch to the “Showtimes” tab.

Google Watchlist

The feature ‘Watchlist’ is now available for Android & iOS users. Users can avail of the feature through their Google app for android & iOS. Therefore, It’s available on the web via mobile.

However, Google Search’s watchlist is an awesome feature that helps you to keep track of your movie & shows collection. Also, It’s simple & useful. We are hoping that, Google will soon make this ” Watchlist” feature available for all devices.

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