‘Lolita’ Actress Sue Lyon Dies at 73

‘Lolita’ actress Sue Lyon dies at 73

Sue Lyon started her career as an actress in 1959 but she wasn’t that famous until she was cast as the main lead in film ‘Lolita‘. Lyon was only 14 when she played the role of Lolita in the film “Lolita“.

According to the New York Times, Sue Lyon was suffering from poor health conditions for some time before she died.

‘Lolita’ actress Sue Lyon dies at 73

Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Lolita‘ was a controversial film. Sue Lyon beat 800 contestants and got the role of Lolita. Film “Lolita” was a turning point for Sue Lyon’s career. In 1980, Lyon last appeared in a film.

The Night of the Iguana(1964), 7 Women (1966), Tony Rome (1967) and Evel Knievel (1971) are considered as her notable films. In 1963, Lyon won Golden Globes – ‘most promising newcomer female’ award for her role in ‘Lolita‘.

Sue Lyon’s personal life is a bit messy. She married five times and have a daughter named Nona Harrison. In 2002, when she divorced Richard Rudman, it was the last time she made headlines.

Sue Lyon’s film “Lolita” was a masterpiece and she will live among her fans as “Lolita” for a very long time.

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