Google’s ReCaptcha? Check Out The Popular Alternative: hCaptcha

Googles ReCaptcha Check Out The Popular Alternative hCaptcha

Are you tired of spammers?

Well, it’s a common problem for almost every webmaster as the number of cyber spammers is increasing numerously.

There are some genuine methods to protect your online forms and surveys free from spammers by enabling an extra layer of security on your WordPress website.

Today, I will show you the most popular way to protect your forms from being spammed.

Yes, you are right. It’s the Captcha.

Wait! It’s not just captcha or Google’s traditional re- Captcha.

I’m introducing you to the most advanced captcha feature- “hCaptcha“.

What is Captcha? Google re- Captcha vs hCaptcha

Before hCaptcha, Google’s re-Captcha was the best way to protect your website from spammers.

Re-Captcha allows you to protect your forms from bot and spammers by enabling simple tests to determine whether or not the user is human.

survey captcha example

Spammers are getting clever and making it harder than ever.

For that, webmasters are aware of choosing the right captcha tools for them.

So, here comes the “hCaptcha” tool which is a more advanced captcha tool that let you use more features to protect your form submissions,

Like re-captcha, it provides all the settings and features.

Besides, it will give you more extra options to customize.

How to Use hCaptcha on Your WordPress Site?

hCaptcha is a new tool of WPForms, the best form builder plugin for WordPress.

WPForm is the leading form builder WordPress plugin that is used to build any kind of professional forms, surveys, and every form related things!

If you still don’t know much about WPForms, I suggest you read my in-depth review of WPForms where I discussed all its features, tools, pros -cons, pricing, and everything: WPForms Review

WPForms is your all in one form solution for you. I love the way they improve the captcha feature and converted it to a more secure and advanced captcha feature- hCaptcha.

For enabling hCaptcha on your WordPress site, you have to install the WPForms plugin on your WordPress site.

There are 2 versions of WPForms: WPforms Lite (Free) and WPForms paid version.

I suggest you purchase the WPForms paid plugin as it unlocks all the form and email marketing features. Also, you will get tons of useful addons and tools.

As a TechBattler reader, you can avail the 50% Discount on WPForms by using our referral link from the below:

After installing and activating the WPForms plugin, go to WPForms setting.

WPforms hcaptcha settings

Here you will get the captcha setting where you can configure your hCaptcha rules (Extra Captcha options too).

From now on, you can add hCaptcha on your forms.

Most importantly, you have to add the hCaptcha option while creating a form with WPforms.

WPForms hCaptcha

You can also add hCaptcha in your existing Forms and surveys created by WPForms.


Protecting your forms and surveys from bots and spammers is not just important but essential.

WPForms’s hCaptcha is an advanced tool to say the spammers a big “Boo” from your site.

Luckily, As a TB’ian you can get 50% Discount on any plan of WPForms.

So, that’s it! If you have any thoughts on your mind, feel free to write it in the comment section.

Also, share this article to let your friends know about this feature. Good luck!

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