ori and the blind forest

Ori and the Will of the Wisps (2020): Everything you need to know.

One of the best platform games “Ori and the blind forest” which was released in 2015 is getting a sequel. Developer “Moon Studios” has given us a teaser. The name of the sequel is “Ori and the Will of the Wisps”. The teaser was published in 2017 by ” Moon Studios”. And finally, the wait is over. At E3 2019 we got a solid release date. The developers are saying the sequel will be very different from the original game.

Ori and the blind forest

Release Date

“Ori and the Will of Wisps” will be published on 11 February 2020 for the Xbox game pass for PC and (probably, Microsoft store)

What is it?

It’s a sequel of “Ori and the blind forest” which was a brilliant and challenging game in 2015. You will unlock new skills and can explore new areas that were unavailable in the previous game. This game has put a lot more of combating than the previous one and Ori has a whole new set of skills, weapons, and projectiles.

What’s the story?

Moon studios have not said amazing things about the story. And there are not any leaks either. We know for sure that in this game Ori will find out his destiny and you can go beyond the forest of Nibel. The developers are also saying that the story will be emotional.

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*It has a lot more options in combat than Blind forest.

*There are a lot of movement abilities.

*Abilities can be upgraded.

*Character build can be customized by using “shards”

*Has far more side quests and NPCs.

*It will have multiplayer time trials.

The creator of AM2R is hired by Moon Studios to do all the designs.

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So, we can not wait to see what much more is in this game.

Stay tuned for more amazing updates.

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