How to Install Genesis Theme in WordPress (A Step by Step Guide)

how to install genesis theme in WordPress

If you are new in StudioPress’s genesis theme, this tutorial is for you. Today we’ll talk about how to install Genesis theme and Genesis framework in WordPress.

It’s very simple to install the Genesis theme and the Genesis framework.

Difference between Genesis Theme and the Genesis Framework

It’s a common question when someone comes to know about genesis. Genesis Framework is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks by StudioPress. One the other hand, the Genesis theme is a child theme by StudioPress.

So, what makes the differences between the Genesis child theme and Genesis Framework?

For using any Genesis child theme on your WordPress site, you have to install the Genesis framework first. All child theme works under a parent theme. And here, the Genesis framework is the parent theme of the Genesis child theme.

Why should you use the Genesis Framework and its child theme?

Many famous bloggers, along with WordPress itself, recommend the genesis framework as it’s well coded and very SEO friendly. If you use a child theme like Genesis, you don’t need to change the core file directly. Using a child theme is way safe. If you don’t have a piece of excellent coding knowledge, you wouldn’t want to mess with the core files.

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How to Install Genesis Theme and Genesis Framework in WordPress

As I mentioned above, you have to install the Genesis framework first. First of all, go to your StudioPress dashboard and download the genesis framework zip file. (If you haven’t buy Genesis Framework and themes, get it here with exclusive deals)

how to install genesis theme in WordPress 2

After downloading the genesis framework,

  • go to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to Apperance> Themes> Add New> Upload Theme
how to install genesis theme in WordPress 3
  • Now select the genesis framework zip file and hit upload.
how to install genesis theme in WordPress 4
  • Important: Don’t install the framework. It won’t work. You have to install a Genesis child theme to get the customization options.
  • Again, go back to your StudioPress dashboard and download your desired genesis child theme zip file.
how to install genesis theme in WordPress 5
  • Go back to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Apperance> Themes> Add New.
  • Select the Genesis child theme zip file and upload it. Bingo! You have successfully installed the genesis theme and genesis framework in your WordPress site. Now, activate the child theme and customize your site.

Things you need to be careful about installing a genesis theme and framework

I’ve seen many times people used to activate the Genesis framework. It’s a wrong idea, and it could break your site. Genesis framework isn’t a theme; it’s a framework for the child theme. So, don’t activate the framework. Just install it and then upload and activate your genesis child theme.

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Please let me know if you have any further questions on installing the genesis theme and genesis framework. Just leave a comment.

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