12 Best WordPress Dropshipping Themes

Best WordPress dropshipping theme

Are you rapidly looking for the best WordPress dropshipping theme? Then stop tabbing on your mouse. Here we will discuss and compare the best WordPress theme for your dropshipping business.

The idea of dropshipping wasn’t invented so long before. But, it has grown rapidly and became one of the most popular online business. It’s a risk-free business that can lead you to establish a successful online business. Websites like Amazon, Aliexpress, etc support dropshipping.

So, before we discuss about the best dropshipping themes, let’s see why you need a good theme for dropshipping and how to pick it.

Why Do You Need A Good Theme for Dropshipping?

Before choosing your dropshipping theme, you have to look at some several factors:

1. Speed:

“Speed is a headache.” Yes, it is. Have a look at the below picture.

website conversion rate by page load time

You can lose a huge number of visitors if your website loads slowly. It’s instructed that you need to maintain a page speed at 0 sec – 3 sec. A good theme and good web hosting can solve this for you. So, It’s essential to choose the fastest page loading theme for your dropshipping online store.

2. Features and Customization:

Feature plays the most vital role, especially when you aren’t a developer. And this is a fact. Most of the dropshipper aren’t developers. They just need a good online dropshipping store that’s speedy, unique, easy to use, and more obviously generates sales.

That’s why your dropshipping theme must have the best e-commerce features, customization options. The themes we are gonna discuss in this post have all the features, awesome customization options and you don’t need to write a single code. And it’s the most awesome part. You are a seller, not a developer. And I’m sure that you don’t have that much time to spend on only developing your dropshipping online store.

3. Responsive Design:

Dropshipping or any websites, you need the theme that has responsive designs. I tested many themes that have good features and customization options except “Responsiveness”.

It’s to keep in mind that many of us browse the internet from the mobile device. So our theme must be responsive to both mobile and pc devices. Don’t you worry about this? The below all themes provide responsive designs.

4. SEO Friendliness:

SEO is the heart of any kind of website for ranking in the search result. You have to pick the best WordPress dropshipping theme that’s SEO friendly. An SEO friendly theme will boost your conversion rate by ranking your products at the top of the search result.

5. Support:

No matter what, you are a Pro or beginner, you will need help. Not all theme provides support for their themes. For a good theme, good support is mandatory.

Dropshipping Free Themes vs Paid Themes

Well, there is no argument between free themes vs paid themes. The paid theme provides you all the necessary features, customizations, and support that you need. It’s your online business that we are talking about.

So, don’t waste your time searching for the best dropshipping free themes. If you are quite serious about your dropshipping online business, then stop looking for a free dropshipping theme.

Let’s now jump to our main discussion. I did in-depth research and picked these 12 Best WordPress themes for Dropshipping.

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12 Best WordPress Dropshipping Themes

Neve: Best WordPress Dropshipping theme

Neve is a multipurpose WordPress theme by ThemeIsle. For your dropshipping store, Neve can be the best choice to make.

It comes with a handful of pre-made page designs that are ready to go right after you install this fully responsive WordPress theme. With Neve, you don’t need to write a single piece of code. After installing the theme, it will automatically ask you to choose the design and the theme will do the rest of the tool set up.

The awesome part of this theme is that it’s easy to use and definitely provides you the unique layouts and design features.
Neve is an SEO friendly theme. We tested Neve with different servers and guess what?! The page speed was super cool! Almost all the pages took less than a second to load.

The eye-soothing design and its decent interface will attract your customers. And that means using this theme you can boost your sale so fast.
So, if you are looking for the best wp themes for starting your dropshipping business, you can surely go for it.

Flatsome: best theme for drop shipping

Flatsome is an awesome e-commerce theme by Themeforest. It’s one of the highest-selling e-commerce themes.

If you are looking for a decent and professional looking theme for your dropshipping business, Flatsome is the one.

As I mentioned above, you don’t need to write a single piece of code to make a professional dropshipping online store. With its easy drag and drop page builder, you can do all the necessary customization by yourself. Flatsome has tons of customization features, demos, tools, and more obviously their professional customer support.Flatsome is speedy, unique, and responsive.

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Navigation Pro theme

Navigation Pro is a genesis e-commerce theme. We always recommend using the Genesis framework‘s theme. It’s because they are well coded, fast, SEO friendly. Almost all the popular site uses the Genesis theme. And guess what!? WordPress itself recommends using the Genesis Framework theme.

Navigation Pro is one of the best StudioPress’s genesis themes that’s fully compatible with Woo-commerce and all e-commerce functionalities.

Our Recommendation: Since you are going to build your dropshipping store and you are serious about it. We suggest you to buy hosting from WP Engine [The best-managed WordPress hosting Provider]. Because, if you buy hosting from WP Engine, you will get all StudioPress’s genesis theme for free. StudioPress and WP Engine are now under the same authority.
So, it’s quite a good idea to buy WP Engine hosting as It’s the best WordPress hosting and you won’t have to pay extra for themes.

Blossom Shop Pro: WordPress theme

Blossom Shop Pro is an e-commerce WordPress theme by Blossom theme. It’s a very elegant dropshipping theme for building your online dropshipping shop. 

It’s designed to highlight your products in a user-friendly way that will boost your sales. You’ll get enough customization options, theme features to give your online store a professional shape. Also, you will get a bunch of layouts for styling your store showcases. The easy quick set-up is awesome. 

Blossom Shop Pro theme is a decent e-commerce theme that’s SEO Optimized and loads very fast. Besides, it’s unique design will attract your customers. Moreover, their customer support is quite satisfying. 

Porto: multipurpose ecommerce theme

Porto is a beautiful multipurpose woo-commerce wp theme. It’s mainly designed for the online business store. With Porto, you can build an ultra-professional dropshipping website.

You can either install their ready-made demos or you can easily set up your dropshipping store with easy page builder options.
Porto is a decent theme that is perfect for any kind of dropshipping website. We tested Porto with many servers and the page speed was super fast.

Elessi: Best WordPress theme for dropshipping business

Elessi is one of the best responsive e-commerce themes. If you look through the theme page, you can see the tag is- “Designed for conversion.” And it works like that.

The unique and stylish store design will attract your customer. The eye-soothing design and clean UX will force your customer to stay long. Elessi comes with unique “Add to cart”, “My account” and other e-pages.

Also, you will get 8 unique variation styles with it. The awesome features, customization options, demos, support, speed made a perfect theme for dropshipping websites

Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro is one of the best responsive e-commerce WordPress themes by ThemeIsle. It’s fully compatible with Woo-commerce. It has a lot of customization features, design tools, and more. You can build both your own online store or your dropshipping store.

It has a beautiful store layout that will help you to display your products in a very beautiful way. Besides, Zelle pro’s blog layout is awesome.
The most important part of it is its speed. Zelle Pro theme loads very fast and it’s SEO friendly. Also, you will get good customer support if you buy this theme.

Astra Pro By wpastra

Astra is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme. You can make any kind of site with Astra. It’s one of the oldest players in the field of WP themes and 10,00,000+ active users.

With Astra, you can create your own dropshipping online store without writing a single code. It has tons of features comparing to other themes. It’s totally compatible with Woo-commerce and other integrations. Fortunately, almost all of the page builders are compatible with the Astra theme. So, you don’t have to worry much about building your dropshipping store.

Astra is SEO friendly and it’s well coded that you don’t have to think about excessive script problems.
If you are looking to build your dropshipping website or any other website, Astra is a good choice to make.

oceanwp theme

OceanWP is another powerful multipurpose theme. It comes with many pre-made design pages that can be installed with a few clicks.
If you are looking to make lots of money with your dropshipping business, OceanWP’s e-commerce features and theme options will help you to do so. With its built-in SEO, customization features, social media features you can boost your sales in 4X.

OceanWP is a responsive theme with all the dropshipping and e-commerce features. So, you can take a hit on it. It won’t upset you.

Leto theme

Leto is a free e-commerce theme. It’s a very decent theme with simple and unique designs.

If you are looking for a free dropshipping WordPress theme that won’t take you much time to set up your online store, go for Leto.
I want to mention that Leto isn’t that kind of woocomerce WordPress theme that has lots of customization features and design options. The theme setup is too easy and takes just a few minutes to publish your dropshipping online store. And of course, you won’t have to worry about the webpage loading speed.

Ultra: multipurpose flagship WordPress theme

Ultra is a multipurpose flagship WordPress theme of Themefy’s. It has 30+ pre-built designs that made your works easy.

It has unique layouts and designs for shop pages. The e-commerce functionalities are awesome in Ultra. More0ver, it has tons of animations and grid-based galleries for showing off your freshest deals and offers.

The blog layout, review, and description section are more professionalized in it. It takes no doubt to say, Ultra is an awesome wp theme for building a beautiful dropshipping website.

Decorist theme

Decorist is a featured woocommerce integrated theme in cssigniter.

Decorist has a bunch of e-commerce features, customization options, one-click demo importer, speed optimization, and more theme options. It provides a solid foundation for your SEO strategies. And more obviously, you will love their premium support feature.
Decorist is an awesome dropshipping theme and you can have a look at it.


So, we have come to the end section of our article and you already got the name of 12 best WordPress dropshipping themes. I mentioned earlier that you need to be serious while choosing the best theme for your dropshipping business. Cause, a bad theme is enough to ruin your dropshipping business from the bottom. The above 11 themes are best suited for any kind of dropshipping online store.
And of course, bookmark TechBattler cause I’m gonna share how you can earn a decent amount of money with dropshipping. Good Luck!

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