Passive Journal Review: The Unlimited Course by Khalid Farhan

Passive Journal Review - The Unlimited Course by Khalid Farhan

Passive Journal Course is a popular online course in Bangladesh. The course is developed by Khalid Farhan, a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. This course is better known as Khalid Farhan course because Khalid Farhan is a very popular YouTuber in Bangladesh. In this post, we’ll take everything into consideration and find out if this course is the right one for you.

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Passive Journal University Course Outline

passive journal university course outline

Passive Journal or Khalid Farhan’s course is basically a digital marketing course. This dashboard covers almost everything from learning digital marketing to freelancing. What you will get in this course:

What's Now in the Passive Journal Course Dashboard

1. Building a Website:

The first course on the passive journal course dashboard is Building a Website which is a basic course. This course consists of 4 videos:

  1. Solving Your USD Problems
  2. What is Domain Hosting?
  3. Setting up a Live Site & Professional Email
  4. Designing a Site

2. Become an Elementor Expert:

This elementor expert course is taught from basic to advanced. The instructor for this course is Rafi Uddin, not Khalid Farhan. There are a total of 29 videos here.

3. PJ Affiliate Marketing:

This video will show you how to sign up for Passive Journal’s affiliate program, how to make money using the affiliate program, and share some marketing strategies that will get you the best results. There are people in the discord support channel of this course who have earned up to 20 lakhs in a month just by affiliate for passive journal.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

khalid farhan seo course

This course is one of the most important courses in this dashboard and this course is known as Khalid Farhan SEO Course. SEO is important in almost all areas of blogging, affiliate marketing or selling ecommerce products. This course has a total of 77 videos that anyone can learn SEO from basics to advanced. How to do On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO are all covered in this course.

5. META Marketing

This course has a total of 28 lessons. And these lessons are based on Meta Marketing or Facebook Ads Marketing. This course will teach everything from account setup, relevant targeting, pixels to how to find online jobs.

6. Complete Freelancing

This course is basically arranged in 3 phases. The first step is what is freelancing and how to start. The second step is to learn different types of skills. And the last step is to try to get jobs in the marketplace with that skill. This course has a total of 31 videos.

7. Google Ad Management

There are 8 videos in this course. These videos will teach you how to set up and advertise on Google and YouTube.

8. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This course is originally from 2017 and this course is now published on YouTube for free. Perhaps in early 2024 this course will be re-released with video or live classes.

Khalid Farhan Amazon Affiliate Marketing Bangla free course.

9. Starting Lead Generation Business

This course has a total of 11 videos. Everything from selecting lead generation niches to selling leads or selling an entire website will be covered in this course.

10. Advanced Meta Marketing

This course is advanced from the previous meta marketing course. This course covers what was left out in the previous videos and what is new in meta marketing. There are 6 videos in this course.

11. Business Idea Generation Course:

This course has a total of 7 videos and through these videos it will be discussed how to ease your journey of starting a business and how to increase the success rate of your business.

In addition to the above courses, once the course is purchased, new courses and videos will continue to come in the future. 3 more new courses will be added by November 2023, announced on Course Discord channel. And one more course will come in early 2024.

The biggest advantage of this course is that once you purchase the course you don’t need to pay any more money but you will get new courses constantly and old courses will be updated. Like a lifetime deal.

Passive Journal Intro Video By Khalid Farhan

If you go to this Passive Journal Channel you will see about 300 videos uploaded. Which includes the review videos given by the students about the course and also some lesson videos of different courses which you can understand how these course videos are.

Does the Course have a Support System?

Passive Journal Course Support

Yes, this course has a Discord server for course support.

This passive journal course support server has 4 support calls per week to resolve issues. This Discord server also has several channels with many members so you can get help if you post a problem.

Is Passive Journal Course Right for Me?

All things considered, this is a good deal. I am saying deal because you will get updates of new courses and old courses for lifetime by purchasing once. Usually we see that Lifetime doesn’t update when we buy something, but in this course we see that every year they bring new things and update the old ones.

Yes, but this course is not for everyone. The cost of this course is a bit high, and you already know the reason why. If you want to buy it for 1 course then I think it won’t be cost effective. And for a digital marketer, you have to know almost all the above skills, so if you want to master yourself in digital marketing, this course is very important for you.

khalid farhan course students review

Passive Journal Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited courses with one time payment
  • Lifetime access
  • Every year new courses come and old ones are updated
  • There is a Discord server for course support
  • Each course video is arranged sequentially


  • Only one device can be used to watch the course videos
  • Courses are not sold separately

Final Thoughts

Finally, the Passive Journal course is a bit expensive but a great deal for those who want to learn complete digital marketing. Also those who want to get many courses at once by paying once and get updates of old courses along with new courses for life.

If you want to know anything about this course, you can comment below 🙂


Currently the course fee is Tk.25000

No, this course is not sold separately.

You can only use 1 device to view courses. It can be a mobile, a laptop or a desktop :). This course dashboard only works on Google Chrome.

Passive Journal now has 11 courses. But Khalid Farhan announced on Discord that 3 more new courses are coming by November 2023 and one more in early 2024.

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