Why Do My Emails Fail to Send? Easy Solution

Why Do My Emails Fail to Send

Well, if you just started your WordPress blog or website, this is a common issue to face. People asked me several times about their “Email Sending” problems.

Hence I’ve come here to discuss the easiest method to solve this email problem.

There are many reasons for facing such email problems. I’ll discuss this first and later I’ll talk about the best method to solve the email sending error problem.

So, Why Emails Fail to Send?

As I mentioned, there can be several reasons. But, “mail () Function” is a common issue for all WordPress users.

“mail () Function” is a built-in WordPress function that sends all the notification from your WordPress site to a mailbox.

Yes, this function can cause you an error if this isn’t configured well. Most importantly, some web hosting companies have disabled this function as many hackers are spamming through this function.

Don’t worry! Whatever problem you are facing with your emails, I’m going to show you an “All in One” solution for this.

Fix “Email Fails to Send”

To fix all your WordPress emails, you will need to use the WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin by WPForms. This is the most popular WordPress SMTP plugin that was released in 2017.


WP Mail SMTP is a powerful wp SMTP plugin that solves your WordPress email problems including the “Email sending error” problem.

This plugin forces “mail () Function’ to use your own SMTP settings. It saves your back by protecting your email from hackers, spammers, and your website being blacklisted by others.

Most importantly, if your hosting disabled the “mail () Function”, then this plugin is a way to solve this.

Some Pro Features of WP Mail SMTP Pro

This SMTP plugin comes will all the essential features and tools for you. In additionally, you will get the below features and tools:
 Outlook 365 — Lets you send emails with Outlook 365 with Microsoft mailer
• Amazon SES Mailer — Lets you use the power of AWS with Amazon SES integration
• Email Logging — Lets you keep track of every email sent from your WordPress site
 Email Control — Lets you manage notification emails

The feature I like most of this awesome plugin is “White Glove Setup”. This feature is a premium support of their world-class experts. They will set up and configure your SMTP and adjust your DNS for email domain name verification.

Also, they will set up Mailgun and test all the settings so that they work perfectly.

WP Mail SMTP: Plans and Pricing

WP MAIL SMTP plans and pricing

WP Mail SMTP comes with 4 different premium plans: Pro, Business, Developer, Agency.

The “Pro” plan starts at $49/yr.

Comparing to the powerful features and tools they provide, the plans are quite reasonable.

You will need the “Business” plan or any upgraded plan for using the “White Glove Setup” support.

As a TechBattler reader, you can get 50% discount on WP Mail SMTP using the below link.


WP Mail SMTP solves all the WordPress email problems. Comparing to other SMTP WordPress plugins, It’s vast in features, tools, and also affordable.

So, this can be a good addition to your WordPress site.
If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to ask me in the comment section. I’m always here to help. Good luck!

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